• About us

    Shenzhen Weidagao Plastic Manufacture Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise which adopts TS16949 quality management system, mainly in mold design and development, plastic mold making and plastic product injection.

    We have a perfect management system, a sound organizational structure, advanced production equipment, strict procedures, a beautiful work environment and good welfare benefits. We have a group of high-quality technical management team and forge ahead and unity staff. At present, we have more than 500 employees, including more than 100 management leaders, professional designers, and technical engineers, and a solid human resource base. We have a variety of advanced production and testing equipments more than 100 sets. With four major manufacturing workshops, including precision molds, injection molding, spraying, and assembly, we are able to complete production processes from mold development and design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, spraying, and assembly, etc.

    We mainly specialize in mobile phones, smart terminal wearables, POS machines, and Bluetooth headsets, export molds. The overseas markets are mainly the United States, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. Company uphold the "good faith, customer first, mutual benefit, in a win-win relationship" business philosophy, with rich manufacturing experience, rigorous work attitude and scientific management methods, to create high-quality molds and plastic products for our customers all over the world.

    "Serving customers and creating values for customers" is our commitment to our customers! We adhere to the quality policy of "Quality First, Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction", strictly follow the TS16949 quality management system operation, strengthen management, lean production, with our excellent quality, fast delivery, excellent service and competitive price to meet the needs of friends home and abroad.

    Join us and let’s create a brilliant future!

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